Useful life of electric motor

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Understand how to fight the reduction of the useful life of the thermal insulation of the electric motor

The lifetime of the insulation of the electric motor can be reduced considerably when the electric motor suffers from overheating.

The insulation of the electric motor can have its life decreases when there is: Line overvoltage, overcurrent in matches, dust deposit forming conductive bridges, attack by acid vapors or gases dragged by ventilation.

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For the thermal insulation of the electric motor has not diminished your life is important: to equip the power frames with protective equipment and appropriate commands and so check the frequency of its operation; take advantage of the periods in which the electric motor stops, as well the coils of the windings are clean; If necessary, filters must be installed in the electric motor of the ventilating systems and as well is provided proper maintenance; is fundamental still leave the electric motor in salubrious places; take care that there is no smoke release and check periodically the electric motor insulation conditions.

Price electric motor

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The price of the electric motor is set according to the characteristics of the product that the customer wants to buy. The price is always calculated according to the model and brand, so it is necessary to make an equity research on different companies so that you have knowledge about which one will offer you the best deal.

Nowadays the physical and virtual companies work with the sale of these products, so they sell parts for it. The simplest electric motors are more affordable values, the reverse of what happens with more complex and robust models. Make a price survey for you to have knowledge about the amount that will pay the model you need.

price research is important to purchase any product and it would be no different when it comes to an electric motor. The electric motor find more is a common machine and which has many variations, but they all have the function of making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Electric motor single-phase operation

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The operation of the single-phase electric motor always generates doubts in some people, mainly because, beyond it, we also have a three-phase model that is very common and widely used in various segments. It turns out that the main difference between them is even the ability, and the single-phase and single-phase is simpler more complex.

The electric motor other products and SM12-3-100 will get a power and make the transformation to mechanical energy. When it comes to a single-phase model we have a simpler rotation and more suitable for a basic segment, which does not apply when it comes to the three-phase model. Why the person who will acquire this machine has to know what the model suitable for the desired application.

There are no mysteries when you will study the functioning of a single or three phase motor. In short, they will use the same parts, the difference is the ability of each of them, as mentioned above.

Electric motor receiver

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Electric motor receiver must perform thorough analysis of the electric motor at the time of receipt

The packaging, receipt and storage are also important points when it comes to electric motor mro supply.

After the electric motor has been delivered, the person performing the receipt should check whether the electric motor is according to what was specified. It is important to perform a visual inspection in order to be visualized possible damage that may be caused by the way of transport.

Malfunctions in electric motor bearings should be seen and to see if there are any problems at this point it is important to rotate the shaft by hand to see if it is spinning. It is necessary to check that no water has entered the electric motor, if any part is cracked or broken, the electric motor was sent with missing parts or accessory or for damage on the tip of shaft or coupling flange.

Rigid base is often used when the electric motor is fixed with metal bases

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Fixing the electric motor is more mechanical properties that require attention, because the electric motor mounting base should be flat as well will be prevented concentration of forces that might spoil the structure of the feet of the electric motor and rigidly to the electric motor does not suffer from the efforts during the electric motor starting.

It is essential in fixing the electric motor is made efficiently because the vibrations can damage the bearings and loosen the elements fixing the electric motor.

The rigid base is often used when the electric motor is fixed with metal bases or when it is done directly on the machine, but it must be taken into account alignment and leveling electric motor.

Now the flanges, it should be fixed on the electric motor in the right way and the holes should be fixed in all holes.

Buy electric motor via the Internet

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Buy products over the Internet ends up generating some doubt on much of the population, even in this process being quite growth. If you also have questions about buying electric motor through the Internet, know that it is possible and end up being even more affordable than using another method, but each chooses what is best.

Just like any other type of purchase, to buy electric motor via the Internet you also need to give preference to trusted sites and offer affordable. Another detail that can greatly influence upon purchase is the payment, try to check these details.

Electric motors prices vary according to type, model and brand. It is necessary to research prices on the websites that work with the sale of that product so you can find one that is more accessible. Look calmly and preferably for stores that offer special deals and offers.

Electric motor causes the drive to be quieter

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The electric car is in evidence in the media, because it is less polluting than normal car. The electric car has an electric motor in place of the gasoline engine and electric motor is this that makes the electric car to move.

Apparently, it is not easy to differentiate an electric car clutches and brakes from a normal car because the electric car is transformed from the conversion of a gasoline car. The most felt difference from one car to the other is the fact that the electric car is much quieter than the average car.

But it’s under the hood that are the most significant differences. The electric motor takes the place of the gasoline engine and the electric motor receives power from a regulator that is responsible for feeding the rechargeable batteries that provide power to the electric motor.

In the gasoline engine, the power design, the exhaust system, the cooling hoses and air filters more like a pipeline, but the electric car all this is a very similar design with an electrical installation.

Features that should be taken into account before choosing the ideal electric motor

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The electric motor of three-phase induction is the most used in Brazilian industry. This happens because it is evident the need to focus on measures to ensure the achieved energy efficiency of this type of electric motor.

The electric motor of three-phase induction is constructed in a simple manner and therefore, can operate without the need of the rotor windings have contact and this makes the cost and maintenance of this type of electric motor to fall significantly.

To choose and an electric motor must be taken into consideration: nominal power; service factor; rated voltage; nominal chain; nominal frequency; slip; torque; speed; income and losses.

The electric motor provides high performance benefits of its use are: reduced energy consumption; It operates at lower temperatures due to the reduction of loss; lower thermal stress; It supports better the abnormal conditions of supply; yield greater and more constant.